About Us

Northwest Geospatial, LLP brings together two experienced GIS technicians, Luke Rogers and Phil Hurvitz. Combined, Luke and Phil have over 10 years experience setting up, using, and programming Geographic Information Systems. In addition to GIS analysis, Northwest Geospatial (NWGS) was founded with the intent of creating highly customized GIS applications, providing GIS training and informing industry of the possibilities of using GIS in their business. Northwest Geospatial is committed to expanding the user base of GIS through education, training and custom applications for specific industries and users.

The NWGS partnership has many unique qualifications. Phil Hurvitz has worked at the University of Washington for many years teaching classes, managing the States ESRI licenses, supporting research and administering the Washington State node of the national Spatial Data Infrastructure Clearinghouse. Phil combines his extensive knowledge of GIS and his comprehensive teaching skills to provide clients with a thorough understanding of the tasks and processes needed to accomplish any GIS project.

Luke Rogers brings another side of GIS into the NWGS partnership. A Washington State engineer in training, Luke combines the best engineering practices and his knowledge of GIS to create custom applications for the environmental, construction, and engineering professions. Experienced in project management, Luke has led many design teams through GIS analysis, product customization and GIS implementation.

Northwest Geospatial is committed to providing the highest quality products though years of experience, open discussions with the client, innovative GIS solutions and training.